Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. 

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The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. The carbon is tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface for maximum transference. The high-porosity carbon and lightweight aluminium make the Rhino filter smaller and easier to handle.

Unlike all other carbon filters with effective life spans of 9 to 18 months, Rhino Pro filters have always been known to have an out lasting performance for well over two years. Replacement pre-filter sleeves are available to make them last even longer.

Rhino Pro filters must be matched to the fan that they are being used with in terms of the diameter of the venting and the air flow rate, and are designed to be fitted to the intake side of the extractor fan as the air must only be sucked through them (and never blown out through them).

How the Rhino Filters work

Rhino Pro filters are designed specifically for cleaning and de-odorizing air. Stale air is drawn through the filter by means of an attached extractor fan (not included) which, needs to be matched to the filter taking into consideration air-flow and duct-size. 

The air is first drawn in through the outside of the drum and then passes through a washable dust sleeve which, filters out dust and other large particles so that they do not clog the main filter.

Next, the air flows through a short spiral labyrinth which, is tightly packed with the world’s highest quality virgin activated carbon – Australian RC412. As the air flows through the activated carbon layer, odours and particles are absorbed and removed leaving the air clean and odourless. The clean air is then ducted out via your extractor fan.

Rhino Pro Filter Sizes

Rhino Filters also come in a range of sizes, perfect for most applications:

Filter Size
Air Volume
Fan Size
100 x 300
350 m3/hr
4" A1/L1 fan
125 x 300
500 m3/hr
5" Al/L1 fan
150 x 300
600 m3/hr
6" A1 fan
150 x 600
900 m3/hr
6" L1 fan
200 x 400
800 m3/hr
8" A1 fan
200 x 600
1125 m3/hr
8" L1 fan
250 x 600
1420 m3/hr
10" A1/L1 fan
250 x 1000
1900 m3/hr
10" A1/L1 fan
315 x 600
2440 m3/hr
12" A1 / L1 fan
315 x 1000
3250 m3/hr
12" L1 fan

Rhino Pro Features

  • 50mm bed of RC412 activated carbon.
  • 1.6mm aluminium tops and bases for reduced weight.
  • Unique “Anti Air Bypass” system.
  • 51% open area custom mesh for greater air flow.
  • Machine packed carbon means more carbon and less movement.
  • Coned internal base for optimum air flow
  • Sealed, boxed and labelled directly after manufacture for optimum lifespan, handling and presentation.



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